What We Do

Passive Fire protection attempts to contain the fire and the effects by slowing its spread by the use of fire resistant walls, floors and doors.
This limits the damage to buildings and provides more time for occupants to evacuate and reach an area of refuge.

When services such as pipes, cables, and air-conditioning pass through fire resistant walls, floors, or around door jams they must have approved fire resistant products used and the correct installation system to close the hole/gap left.

In addition correct records, tagging and photographic evidence must be performed and archived on each application ensuring compliance.

There are issues across NZ with a number of existing buildings which at the time of construction may have met all Passive work standards however once tenanted and occupied penetrations and alterations can be made which needs rework and re-certification. This type of retrospective work is what PFPA can perform, working closely with fire engineers, building owners and tenants to ensure certification to the highest level.

This is the scope of works and attention to detail that Passive Fire Protection Applicators provide for every job.


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