Your leading NZ specialists in fire proofing

Why choose Passive Fire Protection Applicators (PFPA) for your installation?

Quality control for expert installation

Here at PFPA we have strict and comprehensive quality control when it comes to our project planning and installation. Our process is based on high standards, New Zealand regulations and effective management. Our skilled and knowledgeable team work to ensure your project is fully compliant, with the paperwork to prove it. We understand that incorrect application or cutting corners can lead to liability and extra costs down the track, which is why we’re specialists in doing things correctly the first time.

Extensive Experience in Fire Protection

Our base of knowledge from close contact with engineers and testing facilities ensures we understand what is required and how the products behave. We’ve attained a wealth of experience on construction projects of all sizes throughout New Zealand, from $2 million to $500 million dollar projects, all requiring tailored passive fire protection solutions. We’ve also worked in both new builds and live and operational environments, so we understand the need for extra protection for the public when working on retro-fit projects.

Leading Brands for Superior Products

We work with all of Australasia’s leading brands in passive fire protection, rather than one or two exclusively, meaning we can recommend the best brand and product for your unique project. This gives us a wealth of options of tested solutions, and the backing of the product manufacturers. We stay at the forefront of technology, so if a new and proven innovation hits the market, we’ll be testing it and implementing it as soon as we can. Our method of procuring products ensures that we always use fresh product, rather than product that has been stored incorrectly or for long periods of time.

Regular Training and Upskilling

We never stand still, and we believe that learning and development is a continuous process. This is why we are constantly training and evaluating our team at our in-house work station, using test walls comprising of different types of penetrations in combination with different products. We also use a training and compliance register, so you can rest assured everyone working on your project is highly skilled and trained to do so. We are Site Safe and Site Wise accredited, as health and safety is always a priority for us.

Controlled Fire Testing

Passive Fire Protection Applicators have been involved with controlled burn testing for a number of large projects before installation here in New Zealand. Our passive installation work has been used at official test facilities for fire resistance on more than one occasion. As part of the tender process for a project, we perform extensive research to identify the correct application and products for each unique structure.

Ongoing Passive Fire Product Upgrades

Passive Fire Protection is an ever-moving and improving industry, with new products being invented and tested. We work with all of our main suppliers to ensure we’re always using the latest and greatest products, such as the Boss Fire Box, the Allproof Dropin Collars, Tech Coatings Timber Treatment and Ryan Fire Bulk Head Structural Steel Protection.